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Actual interest rates and APRs may vary based on credit history.

30 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.375%  3.399%  0.000%
15 Year Fixed Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 2.750%  2.792%  0.000%
3 Year Adjustable Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 2.500%  3.108%  0.000%
5 Year Adjustable Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 2.750%  3.100%  0.000%
First Time Home Buyer 30 Year Fixed
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.250%  3.274%  0.000%
Jumbo 5 Year Adjustable Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.000%  3.494%  0.000%
Jumbo 7 Year Adjustable Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 3.375%  3.583%  0.000%
Jumbo 10 Year Adjustable Rate
 Rate  APR  Points
 4.500%  4.228%  0.000%


Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

The best way to borrow could be right under your roof. By using the equity you have built up in your home you can borrow at rates that are generally lower than other financing options. Borrow for any reason - from making home improvements, education expenses or debt consolidation. Choose from either a home equity loan or a convenient home equity line of credit (HELOC) with Newtown Savings Bank. And best of all, interest may be tax-deductible.*

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  • View home equity options, current rates and estimate monthly payments.
  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

    Your rate and monthly payment remain the same for the life of the home equity loan. Loan amounts are from $15,000 to $500,000.

    Home Equity Lines of Credit

    This revolving line of credit allows you to borrow all or part of your approved line by simply writing a check. Lines are available from $15,000 to $500,000. Choose from either a fixed rate or variable rate home equity line of credit.

    * Consult your tax advisor.

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    Home Equity

    Get a home equity loan or line of credit to pay for home improvements, consolidate debt, or buy a vacation home.

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